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Alongside our extensive experience in lawn care and lawn maintenance, Earth Care also offers a range of other services which can assist our customers and clients in other areas.

Gutter Cleaning

Need your gutters clearing before the winter season?

With Autumn coming to a close, your gutters are without a doubt filled with leaves and debris from nearby trees. At Earth Care, we have all the necessary equipment to access your guttering and complete a full cleaning process to ensure they are unblocked.

We would recommend this is carried out after all the leaves have come off the nearby trees. Then hopefully that will see you through the winter period, ensuring that there are no blockages.

Shed Repairs

Got a shed that needs repairing or revamping?

A shed is one of the most popular feature pieces for many of our clients. Therefore, if there is a leak in the roof, break in any of the sides or even a faulty door it can eliminate another storage option.

At Earth Care we focus on bringing your shed back to life, be this with fitting a new roof lining, fixing that broken lock, or even giving it a lick of paint to make it more modern. The refitting process we go through will ensure the integrity of the shed, and also ensure that even with the toughest of weathers it will stand up to its force.

Fence Repairs

Has the harsher winter months damaged the structure of your fencing?

The two main enemies to any fence are rot or the wind, therefore sometimes a repair is needed. It is common that during the winter months fences can rot due to the elements, or even a fence post may come loose due to the wind. Both of these can make it hard to ensure your fence keeps the privacy you require.

At Earth Care we are experienced in a variety of fence repairs, be this from fitting a new fence post to replacing a whole new panel. To ensure the longevity of any fence set up, we always advise coating the fence in a treatment which will reduce the rotting of the fence panel itself, as well as the post.