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Lawn Mowing

Keeping Grass Trimmed & Under Control

Grass Cutting Service

Having your lawn cut or mowed regularly does not just ensure that it looks amazing at every opportunity, but also helps with its overall growth and maintenance throughout the year.

The regular maintenance that we carry out ensures that your grass will grow stronger to maintain its green look and a thicker feel.

Cutting at The Start of The Season

For most of our clients at Earth Care, we begin cutting their lawns in March.

This first cut allows us to assess the state of your grass, and if any remedial work is needed. From here we aim to keep a regular schedule be this on a weekly basis.

This process will run until at least October giving your lawn a good eight months to grow and become stronger.

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Access to The Best Equipment

At Earth Care, we are equipped to mow and cut grass for a variety of shapes and sizes of garden.

With access to a range of smaller, medium, and even roller mowers we can ensure to give your lawn the look that it requires.

The Finer Details

Once we finish cutting your lawn, we then also pay attention to the finer areas such as edges.

This gives your lawn the finer touches needed to set that look for the warmer months of the year.