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Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn maintained

Maintaining Your Lawn

Lawn Care is not something to be taken for granted, and with the correct amount of maintenance, you can have your lawn looking great for when you need it most.

Caring for your soil, caring for the environment, and watch your grass thrive. Book a free consultation to assess your soils health.

A healthy and well-maintained lawn also will serve you best in the long run and ensure that there is no costly remedial work required.

Using Tried & Tested Methods

We use fertilisers that feed the soil microbes and fungi to increase life in your soil, this improves the foundations which nurture the grass to grow well and cope with stresses throughout the year.

We can also utilise chemicals which can ensure unwanted parasites and weeds do not appear throughout the year.

At Earth Care, we are always trying to set ourselves apart from our competitors and ensure that our customers come back to us time and time again. To do this we look to build trust by delivering on the promises that we make, to maintain your lawn, or improve on it, to set off your garden.

With our commitment to our clients, or strong ethos for always providing the best service and results, Earth Care truly are the specialists you need to get your lawn area looking great for the Spring and Summer Season.

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The Use of Organic Methods

Where we do excel however and is a passion of ours is using more organic methods to ensure that the soil within your garden is at the correct concentration to support the growth of your lawn.

From our years of experience, this has shown greater effects on grass growth, as well as the look of your lawn throughout the year.

A Greener & Healthier Lawn

With the Spring beginning in March, ensuring that you have your lawn maintenance planned is paramount. At Earth Care, we work closely with our clients to advise and plan when specific maintenance needs to be carried out.

With this approach we can guarantee results, and that throughout the warmer months you have a lawn which you can be proud of and want to show to friends, families, or neighbours.