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Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is one of the most commonly used lawn care processes and can make a real difference to your lawn in the immediate and also its long-term lifespan. In Derbyshire we have clay soils, these can make a surface pan very quickly, either with too much water or too dry. So Aeration helps to relieve this by breaking through this surface allowing water to drain more easily, oxygen to get to the root zone so allowing nutrients and moisture to go where it does the most good.


What Is Aeration?

Aeration is one of the most effective ways in which to reduce sub-surface thatch and also compaction in lawns. These are also usually the two most common causes of moss. The use of aeration is a process that should be part of any annual lawn care programme as it will allow the lawn to take in extra nutrients, oxygen, and water to ensure maximum growth throughout the season.

There are many types of aeration that you can utilise for various scenarios.

We use

  • Slitter Tine
  • Fracture Tine
  • Hollow Tine

Depending on your soil conditions and the time of year we will recommend different types of Aeration.

More Aeration Information

Solid tine aeration

A core from Hollow Tine Aeration

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When Should You Utilise Aeration?

Aeration should be a key component of any annual lawn care plan due to being able to relieve soil compaction and thins out below-the-surface thatch which can have a negative effect on growth.

However, the Spring and Autumn times are the best and most effective times to have an aeration treatment conducted.

This is due to Autumn being a naturally more wet time of the year meaning extra allowances needed for taking in extra water. With Spring being the first time that lawns are cut, leading to a need for a stronger growing process.

What Causes Soil Compaction?

Compaction is a common problem with most if not all soil types. Compaction can be caused by any amount of weight being placed on top of the soil. Within a home setting, this could be anyone walking on the lawn.

The best and most effective soil type is one that is freely moveable and not compact, as this allows water and gases to move freely which can help to promote growth within the grass.

The use of aeration therefore helps to break down the soil and allow these nutrients to move freely.