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Lawn Scarification

Scarifying is one of the most popular lawn care treatments utilised to ensure effective intake of nutrients, water, and oxygen to maximise lawn growth.

What Is Scarification?

Scarification is the process of removing surface thatch from a lawn. Thatch on the surface of a lawn is very common and will form over time. When thatch forms, it is important to have scarification carried out as it can prevent nutrients and even water from passing through the soil.

Overall affecting the growth and health of your lawn. It is advised that if required you have scarification carried out annually. This will help to ensure that your lawn can grow to its optimum level.

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What is thatch?

In simple terms, thatch is a layer of organic matter that is contained within your lawn. Thatch is usually made up of living stems, roots, leaves as well as grass cuttings.

Thatch will most likely form a thin layer over your lawn. This can be beneficial as it helps to insulate the lawn and help the lawn to be resistant from the harsher weather that we have from time to time. However, when thatch exceeds a certain limit it can deprive the grass root system of oxygen, nutrients, and water.

When a thick layer of thatch has appeared, your lawn may find it tougher to drain away excess water and nutrients. It is easy to notice if your lawn has a thick layer of thatch as it will become spongy underfoot.

What to expect

At Earth Care, we are experienced professionals with many years of experience in lawn care and associated methods.

As part of our first visit to your home, we will assess the lawn and put together a treatment plan to get your lawn back to its original state.

From this assessment we are able to understand the level of thatch that you have, and how in-depth the scarification process will need to be.